Current Roster

Beth Mullen

Beth keeps tabs on the sociological and cultural aspects of the hockey world, shedding light on changes being made in various spaces and keeping everyone abreast of any news or other notable happenings in all of hockey, not just with the Habs.

Beth became a Habs fan in 2011 when she caught a game during a slow shift at the sports bar where she worked in college. Despite being born in a city with an NHL team (Arizona Coyotes) and growing up near an AHL-turned-ECHL team (Norfolk Admirals), she was not into any sports at all until that night. Once she discovered what would become the love of her life, Beth threw herself into learning what she could about ice hockey and the Montreal Canadiens. 

The last ten years have allowed Beth to meet hundreds of amazing people and taken her all over North America to see hockey games with some of them. Her goal is to see a game in every NHL arena with at least one friend. 

Currently living in Virginia, Beth hopes to someday emigrate to Canada. For now, she visits as often as she can to get her fill of her friends, BeaverTails, poutine, and the Habs.

David Auger

AKA: Metal Dave, is the techy behind the Habby Hour. Having had previous experience in recording music, David uses that knowledge in preparing the latest episodes of the Habby Hour and prides himself in churning out a finished product the night that an episode is recorded.

Despite being born and raised in New York, David lived in a bilingual household with Quebecois grandparents. This may seem like a recipe for instant hockey fandom, but as a child the sport eluded him. It was not until much later that he became interested in hockey, and les Canadiens, after learning that his grandfather was a fan.

Unfortunately, by that time his grandfather had passed away. For David, supporting the Habs means keeping the memory of his grandfather close, and he is beyond thankful for all of the amazing people that he has met because of it.

Now living in Albany, David has an easy drive to Montreal, something that he takes advantage of as often as he can. Be it for concerts, visiting friends, or of course, the Habs.


Veronica has been a fan of the Habs since her family immigrated to Montreal from Chile when she was three years old. She knew what the Habs logo was before she learned how to speak English. Her earliest memory of attending a Habs game was at the Montreal Forum with her father and flying off his lap every time the crowd stood up to cheer.

Veronica has been following the team from wherever she has been based, including when she later moved back to Chile for a few years, which wasn’t easy! She loves the team unconditionally and strives to see things from a different perspective than what is offered on social media or from the press at large. As Brendan Gallagher always says, it’s not always all good and it’s not always all bad.

Veronica now lives in beautiful British Columbia with her son, daughter, long-time partner and two furry little buddies. Over the years, Twitter has provided a way to connect with and get to know the vast Habs fan community online and develop the friendships with her Habby Hour! co-hosts. The Habs fan community is like a family and she treasures the relationships she has made through the magic of the internet, and the opportunity to connect on a personal level through the Habby Hour!

Past Members


What else would you expect from someone born in northern Alberta and raised in southern Ontario but to be a Habs fan? Being the daughter of a Habs fan may have played a part but Ashley’s appreciation of the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge was developed early and has only continued to grow. From attending Canadiens games in Buffalo and Toronto to the ultimate of games at the Bell Centre, Ashley has grown into an avid Habs supporter. She may have been speechless meeting Jose Theodore but was better with Brendan Gallagher. Youppi is another story. 

Ashley is still trying to bring some class to Leaf country with her husband, kids, dog Jack and of course, her cat Angus who has appeared on a few podcasts himself. 

A willingness to appreciate and discuss the positive aspects of the greatest sports franchise ever has allowed Ashley to meet many new friends over the years and that’s not likely to end any time soon. Go Habs Go!